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Our Mission Statement
Build the kingdom of God through an active outreach with the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to seekers, unchurched and under-churched families, friends
and neighbors.  
Matthew 28:18-20
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
Embracing the past while pressing towards the future!
3901 West Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90018

"Again Jesus spoke to them
saying, “I am the LIGHT of the
world.  Whoever follows Me will
not walk in darkness, but will
have light of life.” John 8:12





PSALM 23:6
Please join us for Worship Service
Sundays at 8:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
We Are
Our Mission Motto
"Embracing the past while pressing toward the future."

"A lighthouse on West Adams; A beacon of Hope, Light & Joy"

Fall Event
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Fall Bible Study

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The Fall, 2014 is rapidly approaching.  Many changes will be taking
place in our personal lives, but also in nature.  God’s amazing
design and purpose for each part of His creation is amazing.  Our
part as the chosen anointed called ambassadors of Christ is
amazing in so many ways as well. We, the Body of Christ, represent
God’s amazing design and purpose in 2014.

It is important for us to look at the CALLING in the lives of Biblical
Leaders like: Adam and Eve (Genesis), Moses and Aaron (Exodus-
Deuteronomy), Joshua, Ezekiel, The Twelve Disciples (Matthew 4,
Mark 1, Luke 5, John 1) and Saul/Paul (Acts 9). These Biblical
heroes provide us with the insight and wisdom we need to use our
divine calling according to God’s divine plan.

Pursuing God’s calling is what we are created to do each day.  From
the time we are baptized or come to faith in Christ the Holy Spirit
engulfs our lives.  The Holy Spirit in His divine mission leads, guides,
protects and encourages us to seek our unique calling.

This divine calling is best seem as we yield daily to voice of God.  
We hear the voice of God speaking to us when we read and
inwardly digest God’s Holy, Divine and Inerrant Word. The Word of
God shows us the Master’s plan.  We see can Him using the willing,
and not so willing, to accomplish His mission and purpose in the His

The Holy Spirit is our agent.  Tapping into His power and strength
helps us better utilize the power, strength and purpose God has for
us.  The only thing that can stop us from fully connecting to Him, is
our sinful thoughts, words and deeds.  These interfere and cause us
to question, doubt and even block our hearts from hearing the voice
of God. Our daily goal is to ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts
so we can hear a Word from the Lord.

Our divine calling and place in heaven has been secured by Christ!
Now we live to draw others to see and experience the joy and
affirmation of the calling awaiting f or them. (Matthew 28 and Acts 1
& 2)

“Holy Spirit Light Divine, fall upon this heart of mine”, for Jesus

                                              Praising God,

                                              Pastor Williams